May 2, 2024

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder PTSD – What is It?

Post-traumatic stress disorder or PTSD, is an anxiety disorder that is a real illness and medical condition. This stress related illness can most often occur after a person has been through some type of high stress trauma or traumatic episode.

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This can be many different types of events and include something that has happened to you that was horrible or a horrible event that you witnessed or observed.


Basically, a traumatic event where you were harmed or you thought your life was in danger. The sense of having no control during a horrific event is one of the incident variables that many victims have reported.

You would need to see your doctor to know if you have developed PTSD.

Who can get PTSD?

This anxiety disorder can happen to any person at any age, including children.

Physical injury may be related to some cases, but not all. You do not have to hurt or injured to develop post-traumatic stress disorder. If you feel that you, or a loved one may have this condition, see your medical doctor for treatment plans.

Help Yourself or a Loved One

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What causes a person to develop PTSD?

Witnessing or surviving a horrific event can cause PTSD.

Certain events that can cause this condition include:

• War
• Car or plane accidents
• Death of a family member of loved one
• Natural disasters, hurricanes, fires and tornadoes
• Being a victim of violence.

It is important to talk with your doctor if you are troubled or depressed.

Video: What is PTSD?

This video gives an overview of what this medical skin condition is and some facts about the condition.

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Disclaimer: This information is not a substitute for professional medical help or advice. This site does not provide medical advice or diagnosis. See your doctor for information on this condition.

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