May 27, 2021

How to Create a Multi-Functional Spare Bedroom

While celebrities and stock market moguls can afford houses with separate rooms for working, sleeping, and bowling (probably), us normal folks have to make the most out of our single spare room.

So, what do you do if you only have one spare room but want to simultaneously accommodate guests, work in an office environment, and do some bowling (on Wii Fit, of course)?

This handy guide will take you through some practical (and maybe even zany) ideas for transforming your spare bedroom into a multi-functional paradise.

Hinges Are Your Best Friend

No better invention for the multi-functional fan than hinges. These sophisticated yet simple contraptions can turn even the most basic of spaces into the envy of any and all spy movie supervillains. With hinges (and perhaps the help of an experienced carpenter), the sky’s the limit—you can create modular furniture and even large pieces that fold into the wall to clear up floor space!

But if you need some ideas for where to start, try these:

  • Install a sleek wall bed that doubles as a bookshelf or bar.
  • Fold up a table into your wall for extra space when you’re not working.
  • Mount a TV or monitor on a cabinet or shelf, so that it folds into the furniture for when you want to go screen-free.
  • Go crazy and just combine all three ideas together: a wall bed that folds up to reveal a TV and a fold-out table (as we said, the sky’s the limit).

Carve Out an Office Space

In today’s bustling world, everyone needs a separate workspace to focus on their tasks without the distractions of the common spaces in the house. All you need to create a nice private office in your multi-functional room is the following:

  • Place a desk and chair facing away from the sleeping area (no one wants to be tempted by the siren song of comforters and pillows when they’re hard at work).
  • Slide the desk away from the wall to give the illusion of a bigger room.
  • Create a physical separator between the workspace and the rest of the room using light, hanging curtains or stylish room dividers.

If you want to deck-out your workspace even more, consider adding a few of these accessories:

  • A large computer monitor
  • An extension cord
  • A laser printer
  • Containers for office supplies
  • A lush plant to soothe the working mind

Never Neglect Storage Opportunities

Spare bedrooms should never be used as dumping grounds for neglected furniture or clothes that you just haven’t gotten the chance to donate but they do have potential when it comes to storing household necessities. Make use of creative storage ideas to open up the space, without revealing its hidden treasures.

Here are some ways to up your storage game ASAP:

  • Drawers or shelves can be built under desks, night tables, or beds.
  • Ottomans double as comfy foot rests and perfect places to store blankets or towels.
  • Exposed clothing racks feel cool and industrial, plus they keep guests’ clothes neat.
  • Shoe racks are affordable alternatives to full-on cabinets (you can also use them for shoes, of course).
  • Hanging woven baskets or planters take advantage of the often-neglected space above our heads for storage.

With all these extra ways of storing accessories, clothes, and electronics, you now have an extraordinary amount of room to add a yoga mat for your exercise breaks, put up an espresso corner, or even set up your novelty inflatable hot tub!

Use the Walls to Your Advantage

To make your space feel bigger and more versatile, take advantage of the valuable real estate surrounding the room: the walls!

Get started modifying your walls with these cool tricks:

  • Install floating shelves in funky shapes like hexagons, circles, or triangles for a futuristic flair. These shelves can be used to store books, jewelry, or fun tchotchkes.
  • To make the room ideal for fashionable guests, hang or lean mirrors around the space (it’ll also make the room feel bigger).
  • Light wooden pegboards are the perfect fit for homeowners wanting a guest room that also doubles as a workshop.

Get Creative

Sometimes, guests and homeowners alike need an outlet for their creativity and a place to enjoy some peace and quiet. What better way to relax and unwind than through some arts and crafts?

All you need to create a whimsical art nook is a little space in the room, a stool, and the art supplies of your choice. Here are some ideas to make your crafty dreams a reality:

  • Set up an easel with paints in the corner of the room.
  • Place a sturdy table against the wall and set out some clay and sculpting supplies.
  • Put a nice drafting table and stool in front of a bright window, and have fun sketching or painting the sunset in the evenings.
  • Tuck a comfortable rocking chair next to a basket of knitting supplies and spend your afternoons crafting gorgeous throw pillows and blankets.

It’s the Memories That Matter

Whether your spare bedroom turns into the perfect reading-room-meets-office or guest- room-meets-art-nook, what matters most are the memories formed in that special space. So, whatever you do to make this spare room as functional as possible, don’t forget to include bits and pieces of decor that have sentimental value, like photographs, heirlooms, or your favorite plants. That way, your new-and-improved room can feel as pleasant as it is practical.

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