December 1, 2023

Federal Business Opportunities – FedBizOpps – at

The government’s Federal business opportunities website used to be found at However, you can now access the single point of entry portal for federal procurement opportunities at

Government buyers are able to showcase and publicize business opportunities and projects that their departments are bidding out to qualified businesses and commercial vendors. Is your company getting its fair share of contracts?

You can typically search more than 30,000 active federal opportunities. It is a great place to find valuable work projects for your company.


Federal Business Opportunities – FedBizOpps:

The single government point of entry portal is now found at and not at If you already registered an account at the original website, you will still be able to login and manage your project bids at the government contract bidding portal.

At the government business opportunity portal you will be able to read and learn just about everything needed to manage your contractor or bidder’s account.


When you login and sign in to your private account, you will be able to manage all aspects, including bids, etc.

If you have a product or service that you think may be required by the government, then get acquainted with the portal as well as the bidding and procurement process.

You can search through more than 30,000 active and current federal government opportunities.

FedBizOpps – FBO Opportunities Common Questions:

Some common and frequently asked questions, FBO FAQ’s, that you will be able to find answers for include:

  1. What are Procurement Classification Codes: For government contracts, the type of project or procurement is categorized with specific codes that need to be used in the contracting paperwork.
  2. How you can contact the Fed Biz Opps help desk.
  3. How to get a user’s manual?
  4. How to get on the GSA schedule?
  5. How to use FBO web services to correct a posted notice.
  6. What is a small business central event listing?
  7. I am an established search agent, but not receiving opportunities.
  8. What happened to the FedTeDS system?
  9. How to find potential projects for the NAICS code for my product or service?
  10. How to find a solicitation without having the solicitation number?

Official website for federal government contracts and

Video: How to Find Web Contracts on

The video gives a brief tutorial on how to find Federal Business Opportunity contracts relating to the web or data jobs. The narrator shows how to do an advanced search for the most current Federal contract opportunities.

He also talks about how to select the appropriate NAICS codes.

By making small adjustments, you could use these tips and techniques to search for just about any kind projects and open bid projects for Federal business opportunities.

Good luck!

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