Habanero Pepper Recipes

habanero pepper recipes

Read below for information on some of the best habanero pepper recipes.  The habanero pepper is considered one of the hottest peppers in the world. The popularity of this ingredient is not only due to the heat that it delivers to a delicious recipe, but also that it imparts a somewhat fruity flavor, spicy and intense taste. The habanero chili, capsicum chinense, is believed to have been first … [Read more...]

How to Cook King Crab Legs

cooking king crab legs

Cooking and preparing King Crab legs is a simple process for most recipes. This type of crab is one of the top choices for those who love crab meat. Common preparation methods include steaming, grilling, boiling and baking. Crab from Alaska is cooked as it is being processed and frozen at the seafood plants. All that is really needed before eating is to heat the meat. The most simple preparation … [Read more...]

Blue Crab Recipes

blue crabs

The blue crab is a tasty crustacean that is found in the Gulf of Mexico, the Atlantic Ocean off the East coast of the U.S. and the Pacific coast of Central America. Many people immediately associate blue crabs with the many delicious recipes that come from the  Chesapeake Bay area in Maryland. In fact, steamed crabs from Maryland has a huge following with many crab eaters. A trip to the … [Read more...]

Free Healthy Recipes


Many people would like to eat healthier meals, but what recipes are available to help you choose what meals to prepare and eat? Recipes that contain healthy foods and ingredients are very popular with those who are concerned about the well being of themselves and their family. What types of ingredients are concerned healthy? Your healthcare provider is the one to ask in regards to what foods are … [Read more...]