May 27, 2021

4 Unique and Personalized Gifts for Her

The perfect gift for her doesn’t always come easy, does it? What could you possibly give her that encompasses what she means to you?

While you might think that the only thing worthy is her own galaxy, sometimes a cute-little-somethin’ is exactly what she’ll adore. A box of chocolates and a bouquet of roses are timeless. In which case, if you’re looking for a personalized gift for her, here are 4 unique gift ideas she is guaranteed to love!

#1 A Sweet Surprise

For ladies with a sweet tooth, consider surprising her with her favorite food wrapped in a special delivery. Whether it’s a cake for her birthday or chocolates for Valentine’s Day, a delicious surprise delivery adds a spontaneous flare to any celebration.

For an even quirkier surprise, send her a box of donuts just to say, “I love you.”

#2 Kitchen Connections

Continuing with the culinary theme, consider giving her some new kitchen gadgets. Does she need new cookware or appliances? If she’s an avid chef, she also might love a personalized recipe box.

Attractive and timeless, a recipe box is a kitchen staple for your favorite foodie. Outfit the box with dividers so she can organize her recipes and keep track of favorites like creamy chia seed pudding or spicy southwestern chili.

This is also an opportunity to collaborate with family members and add grandma’s recipes to her box ahead of time. This way, when she opens her gift, she’ll find “Grandma’s Sugar Cookies” or “Uncle Joe’s Pot Roast” tucked into her files. A love of cooking will connect her to family traditions for years to come.

#3 Cozy and Special and Perfect

Have you heard of photo blankets? Do the two of you have an incredible picture together? Is there something in particular she just loves? Consider printing it onto a blanket. Once you unravel this cozy gift, it’ll be even more meaningful with a personalized photograph on it.

Perhaps couple this gift with wool slippers to keep her toes toasty all winter long. For a special night in, an inviting ambiance might include:

  • Candles – Invest in pillar candles that will Opt for simple, fragrance free options like beeswax or soy candles.
  • Flowers – Pay attention to which flowers she likes, and surprise her with her favorite bouquet. For a more rustic vibe, use cuttings from your back garden instead of flowers purchased from a store.
  • Music – Put on some calming tunes or nature sounds to create a peaceful mood.

If she has the space, consider purchasing an outdoor fire pit for her backyard. This is an investment you both can enjoy year-round for snug and woodsy evenings under the stars.

#4 An Heirloom Quality Locket

For a personal touch in her jewelry collection, give her a beautiful new locket. A timeless and high-quality locket is a gift she will love for decades, and can pass down to children and grandchildren.

  • High Quality Material – For a long-lasting gift, look for lockets made with high-quality metals like gold, rose gold, or silver. If you’re really feeling some type of way (we hope you are), add a diamond or two!
  • Commemorate Important Moments – A locket is a perfect gift to mark a special occasion, anniversary, birthday, or trip. Include a little message or a precious photo to make it uniquely hers.
  • Design it Together – If you want, include your loved one in selecting the locket design. This way, she can incorporate her favorite photos to personalize her new treasure, and you can rest easy knowing her gift is just right.

Write it Down

Sometimes the best way to let her know you’re thinking of her is as simple as writing a note.

Leave little love notes on the kitchen counter when you leave for work, or on her bedside table before she wakes up. For long-distance relationships, write her a letter and send it to her in the mail. Although you probably talk and text frequently the surprise and delight of receiving a personal letter is a lovely way to stay connected!

The biggest gift you give her is love. The thought, alas, is what’s most important. No matter what, she’s going to love it.

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