for 529 College Savings Plan Review

saving for college with a 529 plan

Determining how to pay for college education expenses for your children can cause headaches for some parents. One solution that helps to pay for a university degree is a 529 college savings plan from Having a solution can bring you one less thing to worry about in terms of giving something to your children that provides for great potential in their lives. About … [Read more...]

529 College Savings Plan – What is it?

what is a 529 college savings plan

Read this guide to learn more about the 529 college savings plan and how it may be able to facilitate payment of your children's higher education expenses. Understand what it is and how the plans work to help you better develop a strategy on how to pay for an advanced degree. What is a 529 Plan? It is an investment program that comes with tax-advantages so long as the monies from the fund … [Read more...]

What is Personal Finance?

Each family and household is concerned about making ends meet and having money left over for investments and future planning needs. Personal finance is a collection of issues and components that are planned together in order to provide the family or household with current and future needs in terms of money for expenses, future wealth accumulation and retirement planning. Every family will have … [Read more...]

Price of Gold – How High Can it Go?

price of gold how high

How high can the price of gold go? Some estimates put future gold prices at a possible $5,000 an ounce and higher. Even though the current prices of gold which have been hovering around $1,500 an ounce, many market experts believe that the value and cost will be going higher. It appears that gold fever is catching on, with no end in sight. Knowing what gold is can give a little insight as to … [Read more...]

Gold Mines for Sale

Have you ever thought about owning your very own gold mine? If you have, then you realize what an overwhelming thought and idea this can be for the faint of heart. However, for the well to do, and strong at heart, you can find gold mines for sale in several mining areas. Keep in mind that you do not necessarily need to buy or purchase the whole mine. Often you may be able to take over mining … [Read more...]