May 27, 2021 – Blababooth Photo Review

retro camera Have you ever had photos taken of you and your friends in one of those photo booths you see in shopping mall and other places? Chances are you were in a Blababooth photo stand. Read this review to learn more about their photo booths and the services you can enjoy from their official website at

The company is owned and operated by Foto Fantasy, Inc., d/b/a Fantasy Entertainment. This private company is headquartered in New Hampshire. They operate photo booths across the U.S. You may have seen some of their photo stands in your local mall, or maybe even have enjoyed having your pictures taken inside one of these machines. Their website helps photo customers to have more fun with their pictures. You can access the digital pictures and a video of the experience at their web site, as well as share your photos with friends. If sharing great times and great memories with others then you may want to see what type of benefits their service offers.

At the BlabaBooth web site, you can register for an account or login and sign in to an existing account. When getting photo strips, you can have them decorated and enhanced with several pre-formatted cover labels. The names of the various labels include fun, family, friends, besties, bestfriends, love, faceqube and forever 21.


Many people think that it is cooler than a traditional type of photo booth. Try one out in your town.

Another fun term to discover is “Blabarazzi”. See their site to find out what it means.

• Their website is located at

Video: Friends Having Fun in a Blababooth

This video is one example of friends getting their pictures taken in one of the company’s photo booth stands. People can see their video and share photos later from the company’s website. It sure looks like a lot of fun.

I think the next time I see one of these photo booth stands in my local mall I will try it out again. You can do this by yourself, although it would be a lot more fun with your friends or significant other. Give it a try.


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