December 9, 2023

King Crab Nutrition Facts

Jumbo King Crab LegsThe Alaskan King Crab is a highly prized commodity and is a very good source of protein. While the meat from the crab body, or ‘knuckles’ is good, the meat from the crab legs is highly sought after and is considered one of the elite types of seafood to be eaten. Depending upon your budget, the cost of this seafood can be considered pricey too.

This alaska seafood represents a large commercial catch each year with the product being sold around the world. Many people may wonder if the King Crab has any nutritional value. It is very low in fat, but is high in cholesterol and sodium content.  Of course, if you eat your crab with butter, you will need to add the nutritional aspects of butter to it as well.

With many things that are tasty to eat, there are sacrifices to be made.


If you are looking for protein, this is a great source of nutrients.

But, for those concerned about cholesterol and sodium intake, weigh your risks. Here are some of the facts.

Alaska King Crab Nutrition Value Information:

The Alaskan King Crab is loaded with quality protein and is low in fat. It is a healthy food source.

Some of the nutrition facts and information include the following breakdown of data.

Per 3 oz. serving: (cooked portion)

• Calories:                             82
• Protein:                              16.45 g
• Total Fat:                           1.31 g
• Saturated Fats:                 0.113 g
• Monounsaturated Fat:  0.157 g
• Polyunsaturated:             0.456 g
• Carbohydrates:                 0 g
• Sodium:                              911 mg
• Cholesterol:                       45 mg

Source: USDA Handbook #8


Cooked Red King Crab

Cooked Red King Crab


King Crab Meat is Delicious and Nutritious!

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Have you ever enjoyed eating this seafood delicacy?

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