May 30, 2021

How to Cook and Clean a Dungeness Crab

Dungeness crab is one of the most delicious seafoods in the world. Learn step by step how to cook and clean a dungeness crab. This amazing crustacea shellfish is delicately sweet and tasty. Now you can prepare this ocean delicacy at home for your family or small dinner party. They will think that you are a trained chef.

Thanks to Chef Becky Selengut for this cooking tutorial video.

How to Cook and Clean a Dungeness Crab

Basic Steps to Clean and Prepare:

  • Blanch the crab in hot water
  • Remove the apron
  • Remove the outer shell, (carapace)
  • Clean out the insides
  • Rinse in clean water
  • Prepare by your favorite cooking method

Some of the basic cooking methods that are simple to prepare, yet very tasty include the following:

  • Steaming
  • Broiling
  • Frying

Give them all a try and choose your favorite. Watch the video to pick up some excellent tips and techniques on how to best clean, prepare and cook a dungeness crab.

This species of crab is native to the West to Northwest Coast of North America. Dungeness crab is an extremely popular shellfish and a delicacy anytime you want to entertain. Live catches are seasonal, and the best time to buy and cook this popular shellfish is the winter. But, buying frozen from high quality fish markets and fish mongers during the remaining times of the year will still deliver extremely tasty crab meat for the beginning to trained chef.

When buying dungeness crab for your table, keep in mind that approximately 1/4 of the crab’s weight is meat. So plan accordingly. To get 1 pound of crabmeat, you would need at least 4 pounds of whole crab. This species of shellfish is rich in taste and and super delicious. Every seafood lover at your table will want second portions.

This is definitely one of my most favorite crustaceans to eat. Try it for yourself, I am sure you will love it too.


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