December 3, 2023

Jules Verne Hot Air Balloon – Authentic Models on Sale

Shop these gorgeous detailed reproductions of Jules Verne Hot Air Balloon from Authentic Models. The lifelike hot air balloons look great hanging anywhere in the home and are perfect for ballooning fanatics.

Jules Verne Hot Air BalloonJules Verne Balloon Hot Air Balloon Color: Red

You can take a voyage every day with these decorative pieces that give a fantastic nod to Jules Verne. The red model measures out and hangs at 16.5 inches wide by 27.5 inches tall.


Imagine that you are flying and floating among the clouds just like Jules Verne.

What an adventure and feeling that must be.

Jules Verne Hot Air Balloon – Vintage Royal Blue Aero

Daydream and explore the world with these beautiful authentic reproductions that take you back to yesteryear when flight was first being realized.


Royal Aero Balloon in BlueCheck Price


More Model Hot Air Balloons from Authentic Models

Decorate a bedroom or anyroom in your home and appreciate the genius of Jules Verne and his exceptional journeys that we can still enjoy anytime.

These fascinating decorative pieces combine science, travel, decor and color all in one item.


Travels Light Hot Air Balloon Model, YellowCheck PriceTravels Light Hot Air Balloon Model, BlueCheck PriceRoyal Aero Balloon in RainbowCheck Price


Which one is your favorite Jules Verne hot air balloon? Check these out today and read some of the happy customer reviews on these colorful and detailed reproductions. These make great gifts anytime of the year.

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