May 27, 2021

Ice Fishing

ice fishingIce fishing is the angling technique of catching fish through a hole in the ice on top of a frozen lake or pond. Fishermen typically use a light-weight rod and reel, tip up or a hand line with bait and hook. However, some anglers may use a spear or gig for their chosen fish species, depending upon their environment.

Avid fishermen will attempt to catch fish, even if the lake has frozen over. If you live up north, or will be visiting and would like to catch a few fish, do not let the ice stop you from trying your luck. During the winter months, some bodies of water stop flowing on the surface, because the top freezes. Do not let this stop you from having a great day on the water, or ice as it were.

What is Ice Fishing?

If the lake has frozen over at the top, you will need to use a few unique fishing techniques to get down to the big ones. You will also need specialized equipment to help in digging a hole in the ice. You will need to use a drill to open up a hole and then use an ice chisel to make the ice hole large enough to fish through. An ice saw or power auger will help as well. The other equipment to have on hand is a comfortable portable chair, as standing all day in one spot can get uncomfortable. Do not forget about a current fishing license for the state you will be fishing.

Bring the rods, reels, lures and other tackle you will need to catch your target fish species. Generally, when ice fishing, bright colored lures are popular. If you have never tried this type of angling before, make sure to visit a bait shop in the area for local tips on what type of tackle would be best and what fish are currently biting. Local bait shops are a great resource for current information on the locale you will be fishing.

There are many northern fishing communities where anglers will sit inside of an ice shanty instead of staying outside in the cold weather elements. There are also many resorts and family vacation destinations that have ice fishing facilities available.

Ice Fishing is a Popular Outdoor Activity

Northern destinations with many different lakes and ponds provide some of the best fish activity and sport. This type of fishing is popular around the world and some of the best locations include Northern U.S. states such as Alaska, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Montana, New York, North Dakota, Ohio, Idaho, Maine and Michigan. Many areas in Canada are popular as well.

Ice Fishing Videos

Video: Ice Fishing Tips and Techniques: Hook Storage for “Tip Up”

This video gives a few tips and techniques for your gear.

Video: Ice Fishing with Tip Ups – Horizontal Tip-Up Trap

This gives information on what a horizontal tip-up is and how to use it with a horizontal reel.


• Everything you need to know about ice fishing.


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