May 29, 2021

What is Detox

what is detoxTo detox your body, is a process of removing various toxic materials or substances from your body that have been ingested on purpose or by accident. The body has mechanisms in place to naturally remove toxins that are ingested. The liver and kidneys work on their own to remove toxins from the human body. Those who are advocates of alternative medicine and natural foods will sometimes promote certain or specific methods of detoxification to rid the body of toxins that have built up over time into the body’s tissues and organs.

What are Detox Methods and Processes?

When reading around the web about different forms of body detoxification techniques, you may come across the following processes. This is not a complete list.

• Colon cleansing
• Alcohol detoxification
• Detox diets
• Body cleansing
• Liver detoxing
• Chelation Therapy
• Drug detoxification

Detox diets are popular and are claimed by some to be one way to remove and cleanse harmful toxins from the human body. However,one of the big questions floating around about this method is, do detox diets work? There are various detoxing diets out there that in general will involve some type of regimen of natural foods such as fruits and vegetables to be eaten after some type of fasting period. The various detoxing diets that are circulating may also suggest the use of specific cleansing techniques, supplements and natural herbs to support the restrictive diet components. Most, if not all of these diet routines, are not proven, and not supported by scientific evidence that they even work.

It is important to always discuss this issue with your doctor or healthcare provider before attempting any detoxification method on your own, as their can be potential complications and side effects.

Video: About Body Cleanse, Detox Diet

This video is narrated by Dr. Vincent Bellonzi D.C, C.C.N. from the Austin Wellness and Nutrition Clinic. He gives an overview of some of the various ways to cleanse the human body. He talks about substances and organisms that get into the body either on purpose or by accident and that getting rid of them can be helpful. He also explains what is a body cleanse or detox. In his discussion, he states that it can be helpful to do what you can to help support your body’s own defense systems, so they can work effectively.


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