May 29, 2021

Guest Survey

guest surveysAs a consumer, you may wonder why you are often invited to participate in a guest survey from different types of businesses. You may also ask yourself, if you should actually enter and complete the customer satisfaction, opinion and feedback questionnaires. Only you can decide, as there are many people who will complete any type of consumer questionnaire, and others will hardly participate in anything. However, often these guest surveys will provide some type of chance to win a prize or sweepstakes.

What are Guest Surveys?

This a consumer marketing tool that many companies are utilizing these days as it is another way they can communicate with their customers. It is certainly a method of gathering information, opinions and customer experiences. The guest survey allows the management teams to better understand what type of product and service that their customers and patrons are receiving. If they receive not so good feedback, it gives the company a chance to understand where they can improve. If they are receiving excellent feedbacks from all of the survey participants it also helps them to maintain quality standards.

What Types of Companies Sponsor Customer Satisfaction Surveys?

All kinds of businesses and companies will sponsor some type of feedback system or questionnaire from time to time. You may get an invitation from a restaurant, hair salon, grocery store, health care providers, you name it and it is probably being sponsored at some point. They are popular with both businesses and consumers because it does allow for a transfer of experiences, opinions and information. The customers really like them because often, it allows them to be entered into a sweepstakes for a chance to win a prize, cash, gift cards and other prizes.

If get an invitation to participate in a feedback questionnaire or guest satisfaction survey, check out the sponsor’s official website and read up on the form rules and sweepstakes rules if you have concerns.

Surveys and Sweepstakes:
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