May 28, 2021 – Best Buy Survey Review

This post is about the Best Buy Survey. Read this brief review and find out how to participate and give your feedback. You will also have a chance to win a $5,000 prize.

Best Buy Cares is the customer feedback survey found on the retailer’s website at The company gives patrons a chance to share their shopping experience with store management.

Customers also get a chance to win a $5,000 Bestbuy shopping spree. So if you shop at their retail stores on occasion, make sure to save your purchase receipt so you can participate in their survey and have a chance to win their sweepstakes drawing.


Best Buy Survey

Chances are that you have one of their ‘big box’ retail centers near you.

You probably already shop there on sometimes when you seek out good deals and inventory selection for flat screen tvs, computers, computer supplies, computer repair, digital cameras, dvds, cds and stereo gear.

The company is one of the largest electronics retailers in the world and provides access to thousands of consumer electronic products across popular brand names.

How to Participate in the Best Buy Survey:

Shoppers who are interested in participating in the Best Buy Cares customer feedback questions should save their purchase receipt at their next visit to one of the retailer’s store locations. Some quick tips to help you find and participate in their customer survey include:

  1. Save your receipt from a previous store visit.
  2. Visit their survey website:
  3. Choose the language you prefer for the questionnaire, English or Spanish.
  4. Enter the appropriate codes from your receipt. You will see that the 16 or 17 digit code is split into 3 groups, group A, group B and group C. You will need to enter them on the website as they are listed on your receipt.
  5. Proceed to the questions and answer how you feel about your shopping experience.
  6. Complete the feedback questions and be entered into the $5,000 shopping spree sweepstakes.

Other helpful Best Buy Survey resources:

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