May 15, 2024

Gilmour RM30 20-Inch Reel Mower with Grass Catcher

Want to cut your grass without a motorized mower? The RM30 20-inch reel mower by Gilmour may be just what you need. It even comes with a grass catcher for convenience. The self sharpening 5 blade mowing reel makes short work of your grass and lawn. The ball bearing blade system keeps the cutting smooth and the large loop handle with comfort grip provides ease of use.

RM30 20-inch reel mower by Gilmour

One of the nice benefits of a reel mowing device is that you can get a little exercise while pushing the non-motorized mower around the yard or field.


It is a more ‘eco-green’ approach to lawn care.

This mower provides crisp cutting action to cleaning cut your lawn.

The grass catcher makes it a breeze to clean everything up.

Some of the cool product features include:

  1. self sharpening blades
  2. blade guard
  3. 5 blade reel mower with ball bearings
  4. 20 inch mowing width
  5. large pushing comfort handle
  6. 10 inch wheels in the front
  7. adjustable blade height
  8. dual wheel design for stability and quality cutting
  9. American made
  10. Value
  11. ASIN: B000RGZA8Y

The Gilmour RM30 20 inch reel mower has a lot of high quality customer reviews discussing how they like the non-motorized push mowing system.

Eco green products and systems are extremely popular these days and it is even a little fun to get out and cut the grass with this product. It makes a great gift anytime.

Plus you can get a little exercise at the same time as you keep your lawn looking neat and trimmed.

Check it out today and read some of the more than 150 high quality customer reviews.

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