May 28, 2021 – Staples Easy Rebate Program Review

The Staples Easy Rebates program allows customers to submit an easier type of request versus printing out and mailing in a rebate form. One key to utilizing this streamlined process is to choose products at the Staples Office supply stores, or web sales portal, that are marked with an icon or phrase “Easy Rebate”. The products marked in this fashion are eligible for the online submission form. While all eligible product submits can be mailed in, only the products marked for the streamlined process can be submitted online.

How to Submit Your Rebate Form:

At their offical website, (that is linked below), you can handle the entire submission and tracking process. First, in order to start the process, you will be able to let them know how and where you purchased your eligible product. On the front page of their site, you will see the selections of either, ‘bought in a store’, or ‘ ordered from home or office’. Proceed and follow their lead and instructions.


Track  the Status:

When you seek to track your rebate submission, you will need to login on their website. You will find the login and signin page when you click on the link to ‘Track the Status’, under a subheading stating “Where is my rebate”. To login, or sign-in, you will need to enter:

  • last name
  • zip code
  • email address
or …
  • claim tracking number
  • email address.

You can also access and track your submit request here.

Check Rebate Card Balance:

From the same website, you can also access and check on your card balance. There is a place where you can access a screen where you will need to enter and key in your tracking number, (9 to 16 digits), and then click the log-in button.

In Summary:

Remember, that it is important to follow their instructions when completing and submitting your request. By focusing on the details up front, will make the process in general, a more enjoyable experience.


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