May 28, 2021

Video: How to Make a Soaked Chia Seed Parfait

This video not only shows you how to make a soaked chia seed parfait, but it gives you a way to make delicious food at home quickly. Your family or dinner guests will be impressed.

When you try this recipe at home, you can always substitute or add in additional healthy fruits too to make your own parfait or smoothie creation.


Video: How to Make a Soaked Chia Seed Parfait

Chia seeds have been recognized by many health food authorities to have healthy benefits when consumed. Chia seeds may be not only healthy, but tasty too when paired with other healthy foods. Good eating does not have to be difficult.

Eating healthy can be delicious and fun. Try making this ‘good for you’ drink at home for you and your family.

Try this for a fresh meal that you can prepare very quickly. You may find that the whole family will love them. Enjoy.

Everybody loves parfaits. I know that I do too.

Credit: Everyday Food.

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