May 30, 2021 – Virtual Pet Community

Kids and adults alike can have fun at, where they can create their own virtual pet community. Registered members have full access to the site, which can be translated into several different languages. The people at Neo Pets are constantly adding new activities and games to make sure everyone has a lot of fun. Read through this quick review to get more information.

About Neo Pets:

Once you register for your free account and login, the fun begins. At the time of this post, the website was giving 2,500 Neopets when you signup and register your free account. While you may be able to create more than one account per email, only one account will be able to win and use Neopoints. The points can be used to purchase items to use with your virtual creations. When you are ready to create or expand your virtual pet community, get into your account and create away. Neo Pets players experience the virtual world of Neopia. You will be able to play and enjoy an ever expanding set of games and activities within Neopia.

The Neopoints are something that every free member wants to earn or receive. These let you buy all sorts of items to spruce up your creations. Just a sampling of the types of items you can get with your Neo Points include:

  • superpacks
  • wonderclaw
  • power bounce tokens
  • clothing items
  • magical items
  • accessories
  • backgrounds
  • food
  • trinkets
  • music and sounds
  • Neo Home furnishings
  • special games
  • special mystery capsules
  • gift wrap

Some of the things you can do:

  • create your own virtual pet
  • participate in quests
  • play games
  • battle others
  • collect stuff
  • customize your neopet with clothing
  • create and customize your Neohome

Where to Join, Register and Login:

See the login page to enter as a returning player or to sign-up for a new free account. If you do not yet have an account, you may still be able to get


• – play Monkey Quest virtual games

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