May 30, 2021

Spring Break – Top 10 Destinations

Learn about top destinations for parties and fun. Every spring college and university students from all across the United States flock to different destinations around the world to party and have a great time. It seems that this is a right of passage for college students finally getting away from their parents and growing up into adulthood. Spring break was made popular years ago by legendary locations such as Fort Lauderdale, Florida and Daytona Beach, Florida. While these destinations are still popular, many people would say they are not like they used to be. Keep in mind that to get the best hotel rooms, locations, travel and transportation prices and rates, it is always a good idea to do your research and make your travel plans early. The best destinations, hotels and locations can book up quickly each year.

Top Destinations for Spring Break:

The following list is gathered from reading many different opinions and lists to develop my very own top list. Each of the following spring break destinations will have their own strengths, exciting things to do and things to keep in mind while there.

• Panama City Beach, Florida

• Las Vegas, Nevada

• South Padre Island, Texas

• Miami Beach, Florida

• Daytona Beach, Florida

• Cancun, Mexico

• Negril, Jamaica

• Nassau, Bahamas

• Acapulco, Mexico

• Key West, Florida

Top Spring Break Destination:

Well it seems that Florida is strongly represented again this year. In fact, there are many Florida locations that can serve as a great to spend during your spring break.

When is Spring Break?

The exact dates will depend upon your college or university, but in general Spring Break runs from the third week of February until the first week of April. Spring Break dates in by school.

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