May 27, 2021

Unique Tripod Floor Lamps

Many of us have a fascination with film and photography. Which is why these tripod floor lamps are so unique and popular among home decorators. Literally light up any room and give it a nostalgic film motif.

Old World Floor Lamp on Tripod

Nostalgic Silent Film Era, Old World Floor Lamp with Tripod

This lighting shade item by Benzara, is reminiscent of the movie filming days gone by.


Imagine all of your favorite stars. These decor pieces are fully functional in terms of lighting and room appeal.

The round white light shade compliments and contrasts the authentic wooden base extremely well. Set the mood.

Unique Metal Studio Light on Tripod, 70-Inches High

Lights, Camera, Action! These three simple words evoke so much emotion, due to the wonderful cinematic productions that have been created with lighting lamps that look much like this cool looking floor lamp.

This item, by Benzara, is constructed of metal alloy light casing and wood base. This piece extends up to 70 inches high.

Metal Studio Light on Tripod


74 Inch Royal Sealight Spotlight Tripod Floor Lamps

The beautiful antique sea light decor piece by Urban Designs features internal metallic blinds so you can control the illumination. It is adjustable and extends up to 74 inches high.

This is a reproduction of a vintage British marine light from the 19th century. Back then it was used to communicate with vessels by transmitting morse code to ships as they passed by. The unique classic light is constructed of solid cast aluminum and wood. It also reminds me of old Hollywood.

Royal Sealight Spotlight Tripod Floor Lamp - Adjustable


Ethan Adjustable Tripod Table Lamp

Restoration Black by Dimond Lighing D1734

This striking lamp housing adjusts at the center post just under the light and on each leg of the base foundation. The interior of the light is a tinted gold color and gives off a warm and inviting light.

The dimensions are approximately 14 inches wide and 20 – 34 inches high, making it perfect for your favorite table. The Ethan collection is very contemporary and modern evoking a mood of motion picture lighting.

Adjustable Tripod Table Lamp, Restoration Black - Dimond Lighting D1734


Emma – Classic Design – by Brightech

Emma Tripod Floor Lamps - Classic Design

Enjoy stylish design at an affordable price. By Brightech.

Which one of these beautiful tripod floor lamps, room lighting decor pieces is your favorite? Check out even more choices and imagine how you can decorate and add character to any room in your home.

These are all entertaining decor pieces and serve a real purpose.

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