May 28, 2021

Best Wooden Learning Toys for Toddlers from Target

Melissa & Doug® Deluxe 50 Piece Wooden ABC / 123 Blocks Set

Welcome to this list of the best wooden learning toys for toddlers available online from If you are looking for a gift for your little one, or for another family, this listing of toys helps to create great memories for children. They are fun to play, while teaching the toddler child valuable skills at the same time.

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1. Melissa & Doug® Deluxe 50 Piece Wooden ABC / 123 Blocks Set

The wood block set shown at the top of the page is a great gift idea to start off your toddler boy or girl with fun play time and educational learning too.

Every child needs their very own classic wooden block set to help teach them their ABC’s and 123’s. For kids 2 years old and up. Learn more here.

2. Melissa & Doug® Wooden Animal Nesting Blocks

Melissa & Doug® Wooden Animal Nesting Blocks

Let them enjoy and discover many of the different animals in the wild kingdom. The set includes a number of stackable wooden blocks that are illustrated with animal pictures. Your child will learn about some of the most popular animals in the wild.  Explore animals from 4 animal habitats, such as a sea horse, lion, fox, giraffe, deer, seal, moose, horse and a big elephant. When they are stacked, the blocks will stand approximately 3 feet high. They are made of wood and are durable. For kids 2 years and up.

Learn more here.

3. Melissa & Doug® 100-Pc Wood Block Set


Melissa & Doug® 100 piece wood block set

The set is filled with 100 colorful shaped blocks. These classic toys never go out of style. This toy set is perfect for kids aged 3 years old and up. Enhanced motor skills are one of the benefits derived from this must-have wooden toys that children love.

Learn more here.

4. Maxim Color/Natural Building Blocks 100 pc Set

Maxim Color/Natural Building Blocks 100 Piece Set

Let them imagine the world. The possibilities are as endless as the toddler can imagine. Kids always love to play with building blocks. It is fun and educational too. They will be able to build a magnificent structure with the natural wooden pieces. Colors include red, yellow and blue as the accent coloring to the build out. In addition to having fun for hours, your child will also learn and enhance their dexterity skills.

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5. KidKraft Wooden Block Set – 100 Pieces

KidKraft Wooden Block Set - 100 Pieces

Imagine your child playing with this wooden block set that helps the child increase shape recognition as well as hand-eye coordination. The colorful and adorable set includes 100 total pieces, which includes various wood block shapes, sizes and colors. This learning toy set helps children improve their motor skills while having fun. Great for kids that are aged 3 years and up.

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6. B. Zany Zoo Wooden Activity Cube

B. Zany Zoo Wooden Activity Cube

This is not just a solid cube that carved sides, it is also loaded to the brim with fun activities that toddlers and young children love to play. You may not be able to visit a real zoo everyday, but your kids can certainly pretend they are with this play cube. It is full of brightly colored animals and a roller coaster on top. Beautifully illustrated animals from A to  Z keeps them entertained. Your toddler will enjoy the hours of fun that are packed into this wildlife zoo activity cube.

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7. B. Easel Does it (Wooden)

B. Easel Does it - Wooden

Let your toddler scribble, paint and draw until they create their own masterpiece. This wood easel is just the right height for your little ones, and recommended for children aged 3 years and up. The whiteboard erases easily and is ready for the next creation. There are no mistakes, only hours of fun and creativity. It is double sided and includes two handy storage trays to keep all of their crayons, chalk and markers.

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Learning has never been so much fun for your toddler children. Visit today and see for yourself all of the awesome wooden toys for toddlers. These are perfect gift ideas for children aged 2 years up, at any time of the year. Benefits include convenient online ordering, low prices and free shipping promos.

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