May 28, 2021 – Retirement Jobs, Retired Job Information Review

information on retirement jobsIf you are a boomer in retirement or planning to retire soon, you may be wondering what type of job opportunities may be available. If so, then read this review of the website at The Retired Brains website provides information on jobs and career opportunities for those that are looking to earn extra income, even in their senior years.

In these difficult and uncertain economic times, more and more people seek employment during their retirement years to help ensure that they will have enough income to maintain their desired quality of life.

Also, many retirees, seek part time jobs and positions so that they can maintain an active lifestyle during retirement or semi-retired.



The website was developed to provide an online portal, where seniors, retirees and those about to retire, could come to get current information and resources on living and thriving during retirement.

The website provides content that addresses several important areas that include searching for open employment positions, job assistance, health care information, financial resources and senior living resources.

Resources for Seniors and Retirees:

Some of the various employment and senior living resources provided by the Retired Brains website include the following list of items.

  1. Popular retirement locations
  2. Senior discount opportunities
  3. Travel and vacations for seniors
  4. Job Search
  5. Career opportunities for retirees
  6. Employment assistance
  7. Work at home opportunities
  8. Resources to start your own business

Employers Looking to Hire Older Workers:

If you are an employer looking for employees to fill your temporary or medium term job openings, you can post your jobs at their website. Retirement jobs are becoming more prevalent in the work place, as many seniors, older workers are still qualified for a broad range of employment occupations.

You will find a wide array of resources to help you work during retirement. You may just want to supplement your income, or develop an entire new career.

See their website for more information on posting part time, seasonal and full time employment openings.

Corporate Address:
Retired Brains
645 N. Michigan Avenue
Suite 800
Chicago, IL 60611


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