May 27, 2021 – Job Opportunities – Ohio Means Jobs

ohio means jobs employmentIf you are a resident of Ohio and looking for a job, read this review on the Ohio Means Jobs, career search marketplace. It helps many unemployed people to find new careers and employment in OH. Their official website and work opportunity portal is located at

The State of Ohio career website acts as a central internet portal where employers and prospective employees can more easily find one another. The resources provided allow OH to stay competitive in the work place, since it aggregates employers from around the state who are looking to hire qualified talent into their workforce. Employers are able to search through millions of resumes from job seekers who reside in OH, live in a limited selection of bordering states, or who are willing to relocate to the state.

Ohio Means Jobs Website Overview

The best place to start your job opportunity search is at their website on When beginning at their web portal, you will notice that they provide several important services. You will be able to do the following:

  1. Register for a free job seeker account
  2. Login and sign in to your account
  3. Post and Update your resume
  4. Explore various career options
  5. Do an advanced job search
  6. Search all of the open OH work positions and employment opportunities.

Job Seeker Partnerships:

They have partnered with to aggregate and present the job search results, which will link you directly to the career opportunity. You are able to seek out and sift through all of the electronic job opportunities.

Job Seeker Resources:

Get help and information on various work areas to increase your chances of landing your next position. The search portal resources include:

  • Information on Apprenticeships
  • Information on Careers
  • Occupational profiles
  • Work and employment needs projections
  • Help with resumes and cover letters
  • Links to additional helpful resources.

The Ohio Means Jobs website is an excellent resource for the unemployed, recent college grads, and others who are looking for work, to interact with the portal and find a job.

Other resource pages:

Register and login page.

Career exploration.

Video: Registering with

This video gives an overview on how to register online for the job seeker and employment opportunity website. Registered users are able to login and sign in to their internet account, to utilize the job search services.

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