May 30, 2021

What is Fishing?

What is Fishing? Bass Fishing at Sunset

What is fishing? It is a technique that has been used by humans for many thousands of years as a means to catch fish or other seafood species. There are many different fishing techniques that are utilized on the world’s marine environments by fishermen trying to secure their catch. If you are a sport fisherman you may understand the phrase, ‘that is why they call it fishing and not catching’.

Commercial fishermen and fisheries consist of catching fish in the wild and through more controlled environments such as aquaculture. Fishermen use different tools of the trade to apply their skills at catching their target species. Fishermen target many different types of species such as many different types of fish, crab, lobster, shellfish, oysters, clams, and any other type of seafood that you  may enjoy to eat.



As world populations rise and environmental concerns increase, we may see a shift towards and increase in the use of aquaculture to supply the world’s seafood demand. While this may not be a traditional way of catching fish, it is on the rise and some places will have stocked ponds and allow people to catch their fish for a cost or small charge.

This type of angling ensures catching fish, as well as ensuring a good time is had by all. Other ways to ensure a continued fishery is an increase toward more catch and release fishing, which many are turning to as a general philosophy.

Saltwater Fishing

I love to fish for just about any type of gamefish. The picture below of a gag grouper caught in the Gulf of Mexico is a popular target species for many anglers. There are several reasons for this fact.

The gag grouper is a hard hitter and hard fighter that will quickly take your fishing tackle into the rocks or structure you are close to. Also, this gamefish is delicious table fare.

What is saltwater fishing photo

Photo by MyFWCmedia


What is Fishing – Different Types:

For as many different types of fisheries that there are around the world, there are probably just as many types of fishing techniques, skills and specialties. It is great recreational time on the water.

• Recreational fishing

• Commercial fishing

• Sport fishing

• Deep Sea fishing

• In-Shore fishing

• Shallow water angling

• Net fishing

• Ice Fishing

  • Stilt Fisherman: One of the oddest forms of angling.

Stilt Fishermen South Coast, Sri Lanka


Fishing Techniques:

Some of the common angling techniques used by fishermen include:

• Rod and reel

• Fly fishing

what is fly fishing photo


  • Bait Fishing


  • Lure Fishing


  • Trolling


  • Netting


  • Spearing and Gigging


  • Traps


Video:  Night Bass Fishing

This video is narrated by the Bass Professor and he talks about fishing for big bass at night. He gives some tips and techniques to help anglers catch more fish.

Hopefully this overview of ‘What is Fishing’ has been helpful and informative.

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