May 28, 2021

What is a Boat?

A boat is a marine vessel that was constructed of manufactured for a generic, specific or specialty boating purpose. Boats come in many different types and sizes, and are made to satisfy many different marine purposes. First the vessel will need to be able to float or it will do know one any good. Beyond that requirement, the sky is the limit on the various types of boats that may be available. Boats around the world will reflect unique shapes and designs, many indicative of the culture that created the vessel style. Marine watercraft will include fishing boats, shrimp boats, recreational vessels, sailboats, kayaks, canoes, water skiffs, work boats, ships, cruiseships, yachts, gondolas, catamaran, wooden boat, riverboat, antique vessels, panga style boats.

What is a Boat?

During ancient times, people would lash together logs to make a floating raft or cut down a thick tree and build a dug out canoe. Today, around the world you can still find these boat types and vessels in different cultures. You can also find certain types of boats that are designed for unpowered travel as well as powered travel. Sailboats are designed for  unpowered movement, wind power. They are also usually equipped with engines or motors in case their is no wind.

One of the oldest boats unearthed was an 8,000 year old dug out canoe.


Small wooden fishing boats in Mauritius, Indian Ocean Africa, Turquoise Sea

Common means of propulsion for most types of boats employ several different methods and include:

• wind power sailing, paddles, rowing, push pole,

• motorized boats

• inboard engines

• outboard engines

Some of the more popular boat types include:

• Sailboat
• Canoe
• Kayak
• Shrimp boat
• Fishing boat
• Skiff boat
• Catamaran
• Ski boat
• Flats boat
• Cabin Cruiser
• Center Console
• Power boat
• Trawler
• Yacht

No matter how you like to spend your time on the water, a vessel or craft has probably been constructed to help you get the most out of your maritime experience.

Baharona Fishing Village with boats on the beach

Wooden fishing boats ashore along a Baharona Fishing Village in Dominican Republic, Caribbean. The crews are preparing for the next day’s activities.

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