May 28, 2021

215 Weird Names for Groups of Animals

The natural world is certainly amazing, with many varieties of unique species. Enjoy this collection 215 weird names for groups of animals, and view the gallery of pictures to illustrate many of the species. Your favorites are certainly on this list, as well as some bizarre and odd ones you may not know.

Some of these collective nouns you will know and recognize. While others may be fun, unusual and completely new to you. Which ever way it hits you, the naming can be bizarre, strange and peculiar to say the least.

Strap on your seat belts, learn something new, and enjoy the ride. View and appreciate this huge list and great gallery of animal pictures too.


There is no doubt, some of these group names are odd. When these various animal kingdom species get together, mankind gives them bizarre and outrageous names.

Sometimes the naming is funny or silly, and sometimes what the group is called, kind of makes sense.

No matter, we love these oddly strange and unusual collective animal names.

215 Weird Names for Groups of Animals

What are Groups of Animals Called?

Let’s get started and find out. See if you can find your favorite or the weirdest names for groups of animals.

1. Armory of Aardvarks


2. A Rookery of Albatross

Group of Albatross called a Rookery

3. Congregation of Alligators


4. Herd of Alpaca

Group of Alpaca is called a herd

So Cute!


5. Ooze of Amoebas

Ooze of Amoebas

6. Herd of Antelopes

group of antelopes called a herd

7. Army, Colony or Nest of Ants

Group of Ants is called an army, colony or nest.

8. A Shrewdness of Apes

Group of Apes called a shrewdness

A group of apes could consist of gorillas, chimpanzees or orangutans, and is called a shrewdness.

9. Roll of Armadillos



10. Colony or Raft of of Auks


How the Animal Collective Noun Works?

Instead of using the word ‘group’ when talking about a specific animal, you would use the collective noun describing the animal. For example, you would say a ‘battery’ of barracuda, instead of ‘group’.

Over the years, societies around the world have coalesced and accepted certain terms of description for various groups of animals. When you think about it, it is rather interesting to describe the various species with characteristics that they display in real life.

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11. A Congress or Troop of Baboons


12. Culture of Bacteria


13. Cete or Clan of Badgers


14. Battery of Barracudas


15. Shoal of Bass


16. A Cauldron or Colony of Bats

Group of Bats is called a Cauldron


Cauldron of Bats - USFWS

A cauldron of bats. Mexican free-tailed bats exiting Bracken bat cave. Flickr-USFWS.


17. A Sleuth or Sloth of Bears

bears photo


18. Colony or Family of Beavers


19. Grist, Hive or Swarm of Bees

A Group of Bees is called a Hive or Swarm

Don’t get too close to a hive of bees!

20. A Brood, Clutch, Dissimulation or Flock of Birds

Dissimulation or flock of birds photo

21. Herd of Bison


22. Sute of Bloodhounds


23. A Sounder of Wild Boars


24. A Gang or Obstinacy of Buffalo

buffalo photo


25. Bellowing of Bullfinches


26. Parliament of Burrowing Owls

Group of burrowing owls is called a parliament photo

Photo by kuhnmi


27. Swarm, Flutter or Kaleidoscope of Butterflies


28. Wake of Buzzards


29. A Caravan or Train of Camels

caravan of camels photo


30. Herd of Caribou



31. An Army of Caterpillars



32. A Clowder, Pounce, Glaring, Litter or Intrigue of Cats

cats photo

Cute litter of kittens.


33. A Destruction of Wild Cats (feral)


34. Herd or Drove of Cattle


35. Coalition of Cheetahs


36. Brood or Clutch of Chickens


37. Colony of Chinchilla


38. Bed of Clams


39. Quiver of Cobras


40. Intrusion of Cockroaches


41. A Rag of Colts


42. A Covert of Coots


43. Gulp of Cormorants


44. Pack of Coyotes


45. Cast or Consortium of Crabs


46. A Herd or Seige of Cranes


47. Bask of Crocodiles


48. Murder of Crows


49. A Litter of Cubs


50. Herd of Mob of Deer

Group of Deer called a herd or mob

51. Herd or Pack of Dinosaur


52. A Cowardice, Pack or Kennel of Dogs

dogs photo


53. Pod of Dolphins / Porpoises



54. Pace of Donkeys


55. Dole or Flight of Doves


56. Brace or Flock of Ducks


57. Convocation of Eagles


58. Bed of Eels


59. Parade of Elephants

elephants photo


elephants photo


60. Gang of Elks


61. Mob of Emus


62. Cast of Falcons


63. A Busyness of Ferrets


64. Charm of Finches


65. Haul, Catch, Mess, School or Shoal of Fish


66. Flamboyance or Stand of Flamingos


67. Business or Swarm of Flies


68. Leash or Skulk of Foxes


69. Army of Frogs


70. Flock or Gaggle of Geese


71. Horde of Gerbils


72. Herd or Tower of Giraffes


73. Cloud of Gnats


74. Tribe or Trip of Goats


75. Charm of Goldfinches


76. Troubling of Goldfish


77. Band or Troop of Gorillas

gorilla photo


78. Cloud of Grasshoppers


79. Leash of Greyhounds


80. Covey or Pack of Grouse


81. Confusion of Guinea Fowl


82. Herd of Guinea Pigs


83. Screech of Gulls


84. Horde of Hamsters


85. Down  or Warren of Hares


86. Cast or Kettle of Hawks


87. Group of Head Lice Eggs Called Nits


88. Array of Hedgehogs


89. Brood of Hens


90. Hedge or Sedge of Herons


91. Army of Herring


92. Bloat or Thunder of Hippopotamuses


93. Parcel of Hogs


94. Nest or Swarm of Hornets


95. Drove, Stable, String or Team of Horses


96. Pack or Kennel of Hounds


97. Charm of Hummingbirds


98. Cackle of Hyenas


99. Colony of Ibises


100. Mess of Iguanas


101. Herd of Impalas


102. Horde, Plague, Rabble or Swarm of Insects


103. Husk of Jackrabbits


104. Shadow of Jaguars


105. Party or Scold of Jays


106. Smack of Jellyfish

smack of jellyfish photo


107. Mob or Troop of Kangaroos


108. Intrigue or Litter of Kittens


109. Cling of Koala Bears


110. Bevy or Exaltation of Larks


111. Conspiracy of Lemurs


112. Leap of Leopards


113. Flock of Lice


114. Pride of Lions


115. Lounge of Lizards


116. Herd of Llama


117. Risk of Lobsters


118. Plague of Locusts


119. Shoal of Mackerel


120. Charm, Congregation, Gulp or Murder of Magpies


121. Sord or Brace of Mallards

Sord or Brace of Mallards photo


122. Richness of Martens


123. Mischief of Mice


124. Shoal of Minnows


125. Labor of Moles


126. Barrel, Tribe or Troop of Monkeys

group of monkeys photo


127. Herd of Moose


128. Scourge of Mosquitoes


129. Fleet of Mudhens


130. Barren or Pack of Mules


131. Watch of Nightingales


132. Grin of Opossum


133. Flock of Ostrich


134. Romp or Raft of Otters


135. Parliament or Stare of Owls


136. Drove or Team of Oxen


137. Bed of Oysters


138. Bamboo or Embarrassment of Pandas


139. Pandemonium or Company of Parrots


140. Covey of Partridge


141. Muster or Ostentation of Peacocks

Group of Peacocks called a muster or ostentation

142. Pomp of Pekingese


143. Pod of Pelicans


144. Rookery, Parcel, Muster or Colony of Penguins


145. Bouquet, Nye, Nide or Nest of Pheasants


146. Flight or Kit of Pigeons


147. Drift, Litter, Herd or Passel of Pigs

litter of pigs group photo

148. Shoal of Pilchards


149. Puddle of Platypus


150. Congregation of Plovers


151. Chine of Polecats


152. String of Ponies


153. Prickle of Porcupines


154. Coterie of Prairie Dogs


155. Covey or Ptarmigans


156. Bevy or Covey of Quail


157. Colony, Nest, Husk or Warren of Rabbits


158. Gaze of Raccoons


159. Pack of Rats


160. Coil or Rhumba of Rattlesnakes


161. Unkindness of Ravens


162. Crash of Rhinoceroses


163. Building or Clamor of Rooks


164. Maelstrom of Salamanders


165. Draught or Run of Salmon


166. Purse of Sand Dollars


167. Fling of Sandpipers

168. Family of Sardines


169. Bed or Nest of Scorpions


170. Wreck of Seabirds


171. Pod, Harem, Herd or Rookery of Seals

Group of Seals is called a pod, harem or rookery.

172. Constellation of Sea Stars


173. Vagrant of Sea Urchins


174. Shiver of Sharks


175. Flock, Herd, Trip or Mob of Sheep


176. Surfeit of Skunks


177. Exultation of Skylarks


178. Hood of Snails


179. Den or Nest of Snakes


180. Wisp or Walk of Snipe


181. Host or Tribe of Sparrows


182. Cluster or Clutter of Spiders

Group of Spiders is called a Cluster or Clutter

183. Audience of Squid


184. Scurry of Squirrels


185. Host of Sparrows


186. Galaxy of Starfish


187. Cloud or Murmuration of Starlings


188. Fever of Stingrays


189. Flight or Mustering of Storks


190. Flight or Gulp of Swallows


191. Bevy, Flight, Game or Wedge of Swans


192. Colony, Nest or Brood of Termites


193. Ambush or Streak of Tigers

Group of Tigers is Called an Ambush or Streak

194. Knot of Toads


195. Hover of  Trout

Group of Trout is called a Hover

196. Gang or Posse of Turkeys

turkey gobbler photo

Photo by Olin Gilbert


197. Bale or Nest of Turtles


198. Dule or Pitying of Turtle Doves


199. Nest of Vipers


200. Kettle or Venue of Vultures

A Group of Vultures is Called a Kettle or Venue

201. Pod of Walruses


202. Nest of Swarm of Wasps


203. Raft or Paddling of Water Ducks


204. Plump of Waterfowl

Plump of Waterfowl picture

205. Colony or Gang of Weasels


206. Pod or Herd of Whales


207. Destruction of Wild Cats


208. Implausibility of Wildebeest, Gnus

wildebeest photo


209. Pack or Route of Wolves

A Group of Wolves is called a Pack or Route

210. Wisdom of Wombats


211. Fall of Woodcocks


212. Descent of Woodpeckers

Group of woodpeckers is called a descent photo

213. Herd of Wrens


214. Colony of Yellow Jackets


215. A Crossing or Zeal of Zebras

A Group of Zebras are called a Crossing or Zeal

These weird names for groups of animals are all collective nouns used to describe the oddities of the animal groups. They may seem odd and strange at first. But, in many cases, the descriptive nomenclature makes sense.

Throughout the list, you are able to find the collective nouns for birds, fish, invertebrates, mammals, marsupials, amphibians, reptiles and even single-celled organisms.

Animal groups are bizarre and strange enough on their own sometimes. We don’t need the weird names that we call the groupings to make them interesting. But nevertheless, there you have it. Hopefully, this gallery of names for groups of animals has been educational, informative and fun.



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