May 30, 2021

Video: Pacific Barreleye Fish with Transparent Head Filmed

See this rare live film footage of a weird sea creature with a transparent head called the Pacific Barreleye Fish, (Macropinna microstoma).

Scientists from the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute used remotely operated vehicles and cameras to catch the first video of a live specimen.


Immediately, you notice a clear dome on top of its head, with large tubular eyes underneath.

This is definitely one of the strangest and bizarre looking fish you will ever see. Not that you would see one in person.

That is why rare video footage is such a treasure.

Pacific Barreleye Fish Facts

This bizarre sea creature is rather cute in its own way. It is also called a spook fish and you can see why. Adaptation through the development of the ultrasensitive transparent dome head, allows it to see in pitch black darkness.

  • Scientific Family Name: Opisthoproctidae
  • Genus: Macropinna
  • Species: M. microstoma
  • Small deep-sea argentiniform fish
  • Prominent barrel-shaped tubular eyes
  • Found in the Pacific, Atlantic and Indian Oceans

Pacific Barreleye – Macropinna Microstoma

macropinna microtoma pacific barreleye

image: clutech/wiki

The Barreleye fish is not the only transparent animal in the ocean, but is certainly a weird and intriguing sea creature. It has handled adaptations to compensate for its unique environment.

More Cool Facts:

  • Known to science since 1939
  • Head is clear fluid filled dome
  • Feeds on jellyfish and small fishes
  • Hangs out  in deep water

Credit: National Geographic


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