May 30, 2021

Video: Cute Baby Bear Rides Surfboard

Have you ever been in Florida? Then you know that it gets hot. This cute baby bear rides surfboard is a fun video to watch. The little brown bear knows how to cool off on a mid-summers day.

He rides a surfboard in a pool. Surfing is certainly a great way to have fun and be comfortable when it is hot, but this little cub appears to really enjoy the experience. Its owners operate a non-profit wild animal sanctuary in Florida.


In addition to two bear cubs, the sanctuary cares for several tigers, lions, bobcats, cougars and more.

Cute Baby Bear Rides Surfboard

The non profit educational facility is located in the owners backyard, which is in Melrose, FL. It is amazing to watch the owner care for and play with these wild animals.

It is more than a little scary to think about feeding and playing with a tiger that stands much taller than you, but Carl does it with ease.

You can really tell that he loves these wild animals.

Watching him bottle feed the two bear cubs you get the sense that the little bears are very happy and look forward to getting back on the surfboard in the backyard pool.

Fun and entertaining. Watch the vid to see for yourself.

Credit: Barcroft TV

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