May 29, 2021

USAJobs Apply Online –

Looking for a job or career with the U.S. Federal Government? Would you like to be able to peruse USAjobs position openings and opportunities? The official jobs website for the U.S. Federal Government is at

At the website you can search for job openings and complete the application and apply online.

First time visitors and career seekers may want to create a free account and login or sign in to access all of the benefits of the site. With your account you will be able to login to your search account and manage up to five unique resumes.


You will also be able to save your employment searches.

You can also apply for jobs that you feel will match with your education and experience.

Also as a first time visitor, you will want to take a little time to better understand how to use the USAJOBS website and to learn more about the federal employment and hiring process.

USAJobs Website for Employment Openings

Once you complete the login process into your account, you will get the most use out of the gov web site. You can search by the  most popular jobs, by the careers in demand, or do a broad employment opening search.

You can also search for international opportunities, search by government agency, by occupation or by geographic location.

From the federal government employment website you can access the application and apply online to Federal Agencies.

Managing up to five unique employment resumes allows one to apply to various positions from home, right on their computer.

USA Jobs Login

Start Here

  • To login and sign in to your job search account, see the page here.
  • is the Federal Governments’s employment web site to peruse career openings, login to your account, fill out work applications and apply online.

How to Find a Job
• – baby boomer and retiree employment job search

Video: 10 Steps to a Federal Job – Tutiorial Part 1

This video outlines tips, techniques and ten steps to getting a federal job by utilizing the federal jobs web site. The narrator uses her expertise at searching for jobs with the government and shares here search techniques to find job openings and new gov career opportunities.

Keep trying. You never know when the perfect job opening will present itself.

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