May 28, 2021

Taco Bell Jobs – Apply Online

taco bell jobsLearn where to find job openings and employment opportunities for Taco Bell. This page will help you locate current jobs and career openings with the mexican fast food restaurant chain. Find out how to complete an application and apply online.

Taco Bell opened its first restaurant in 1962. The first franchised store location opened in 1964 and by 1967, the company had opened 100 store locations. In 1978, PepsiCo Inc. bought out the company and its 868 restaurants. The company continued to grow and add new mexican food menu items to their offerings, with items such as the Taco Salad, Tacos BellGrande, Gorditas and the Crunchwrap Supreme. Due to their continued success and popularity, this fast food restaurant chain serves more than 2 billion customers every year. Today, the parent company is Yum! Brands. They operate more than 6,445 restaurant locations with over 175,000 employees. The corporate headquarters is located in Irvine, CA and their official website is at

Some of the menu items include the following list:

  1. Tacos
  2. Burritos
  3. Gorditas
  4. Nachos
  5. Chalupas
  6. Salads
  7. Speciality items

Where to Find Taco Bell Jobs and Employment Application

Want to work for this mexican fast food restaurant chain? The first place to check for current job openings and hiring opportunities is at their official careers and employment website page at This company constantly seeks out new, qualified work talent for placement into their many different restaurant job descriptions, staff members and management roles. As you enter into their website, you will notice that you can enter through the ‘Apply’ button and complete a job application online. To apply to a store location in your area, you can choose your state, city and zip code. The job locator tool will then bring up the available restaurants in that specific area, as well as show you what positions they may be accepting applications. When you find a position that meets your needs, you can then access the job application and apply online. Keep in mind that is very important to complete all of the questions on the applications and follow up per their instructions. If you are new at job search, learning how to find a job, does not have to be a mystery.

Some of the various work or positions they may be hiring for can include:

  • Shift Lead
  • Assistant Manager
  • General Manager
  • Cashier
  • Food Prep
  • Team Member


Other places on the internet that can be helpful to finding work is direct at one of the job websites that are available across the internet. This would include websites such as for jobs.


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