May 29, 2021

Surfing Pictures & Surf Photos – Drop In a Wave!

Do you love to surf or just watch other surfers? Then you will enjoy this collection of amazing surfing pictures and photos. See these cool and entertaining images.

Surfing Pictures

There is just something about a wave crashing upon the beach that makes us want to get up on a surfboard and take a joy ride. It is not easy. But, when the basic skills of standing and hanging on are accomplished, the ride can be magical.


There is a little bit for everyone here. Beach lovers enjoying watching the surfers do their thing. That is really what makes a picture gallery of surfers so much fun to create and share with other fans.

Enjoy these images of surfers having a great day at the beach.

Gallery of Surfing Pictures

If you like to surf or enjoy watching, then see this gallery of surfers riding the waves.

Ocean Whirlpool Surf Wave Tube

Every surfer’s dream is to catch a ride in the perfect tunnel wave. Look at how gorgeous this wave is, and imagine what a perfect ride it would be too.


Surfer on White Surfboard

Surfing Pictures

This is not a big wave, but it is rolling a nice breaker. The surfer is making the most of the ride. The water is beautiful with several shades of blue. It is a nice crisp photo with the white surfboard riding along the top of the crest.

Surfer Making a Cut

Surfing Encuentro Picture

Surfing Encuentro Picture. Photo by Swell Surf Camp

Surfer on a orange surfboard making a cut at top of a wave. Read more about Swell Surf Camp.

Surfers Hanging On in the Chop

surfing photo

Photo by marcodede

Choppy waves and lots of spray.

Surfer Dropping in a Big Wave

surfer photo

It takes a little practice before you can drop in a wave like this surfer. I love pictures of surfing and big waves. It showcases the majestic nature of the oceans. The power of the crashing water is enormous.

Picture of Surfers Entering the Water

Picture of surfers entering the water.

Photo by Hitchster

The backlit photo shows two surfers heading towards the water. Time for another ride on a nice wave.

Surfer Beach Photo at Sunset

Surfer Beach Photo at Sunset

You just get the sense from this picture that the surfers had a great day. The beach is still of surfers and on-lookers. The coming sunset is gorgeous. What a tranquil image.

Windsurfer with Red Sail

surfing photo

Windsurfers get to have fun too. This board has a nice red sail and the surfer is cutting on a wave crest. I like this somewhat monochromatic image because of the splash of red color and dramatic water spray.

Surfboards on a Hawaii Beach

surf hawaii - surfboards photo

Photo by Edmund Garman

You can see the Hawaiian designs on the surf boards. This is a nice picture that makes you want to pick up a surfboard and hit the waves.

Surfer Coming Out of a Big Barrel Wave

surf hawaii - big wave surfing photo

Dramatic pictures like this one of a surfer successfully coming out of a big barrel wave are thrilling. Not only are the beach onlookers thrilled to see such imagery, the surfer is certainly relieved to come out of the surf still standing on the board.

Picture of a Big Wave Surfer Barrel

Big Wave Surfer Barrel Jaws


Surfer in the Barrel Wave

surfing photo

This picture shows that the surfer certainly has a front row seat. The image gives the perspective showing what the surfer sees as he or she rides through the barrel of a big wave. It is a little scary the wave is encircling and crashing overhead. The only thing you can do, is just hang on and don’t fall off of your surfboard. Pictures like this one really captures the excitement of the ride.

Surfer Biting the ‘Water’

The surfboard is flying out of the water, as he is heading in to the ocean water.

Skimmer, Skim Boarders

skimmer board - skimboard photo

Photo by micadew

Skimmer, Skim boarding along the beach shoreline is a lot of fun. While it may not technically be considered surfing, the pictures show that it can still be amazing. Look at the guys flipping the wave and kicking off of the skimboards. Beach goers keep watching. Cool pictures.

Surfing Big Waves Image

surfing big wave pictures

Photo by SayLuiiiis

Big Swell at Werri Beach

Big Swell at Werri Beach surfing big photo

Photo by Andy Hutchinson


Pounding Surf and Nukin Wind Surf Photo

Pounding Surf and Nukin Wind surfing big photo

Photo by Pierce Martin

Big Air Surfing Picture

surfing big photo

Photo by Swell Surf Camp

You can learn all about surf slang, here.


End to a Perfect Day of Surfing

Surfer Girl Holding Surfboard

Surfer girl holding a surfboard at waters edge. The end to a perfect day at the beach. Great photo!


Surfboards Stacked Up on Waikiki Beach

Are you ready to pack your bags and travel to a world renowned surfing destination?

Hope you enjoyed this gallery of surfing pictures and surf photos. The surfer images are fun and inspiring.

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