May 29, 2021

Skip Hop Alphabet Zoo Activity Gym for Baby

Skip Hop Alaphabet Zoo Activity Gym for Baby

A baby’s mind is so inquisitive that it needs to be stimulated constantly. The Skip Hop Alphabet Zoo Activity Gym for baby is a great toy, comfort and learning item. It includes 17 developmental activities within the gym apparatus and babies are always challenged to learn as they play.

The mat is quilted so that is comfortable to the baby’s skin. It is also imprinted with alphabets and images of zoo animals so that they are always learning, even while resting. Let the child have fun and enjoy zoo animals and learn their ABC’s while resting and playing on the mat and gym set. They will love it.


  • UPC #: 879674007253
  • ASIN #: B006STJTR2

Mothers love the Skip Hop Alphabet Zoo Activity gym set, as shown by the many high quality product reviews. In addition, there are 13 loops where you can hang more toys on the mat for extra playtime.

Alphabet Zoo Activity Gym


Babies and toddlers will spend many hours in the gym set and play, and sleep, and play some more. You will be happy that the item keeps their attention for so long, so you can do the things around the house that you need to take care of during their down time.

Shop for this and other great Activity Gyms for Babies today. Looking for a baby shower or newborn gift idea for mom? This would be a welcomed new gift.

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