May 30, 2021

Saladworks Coupons

Want to save a little money when you order at Saladworks? Read on to find out how to get coupons and exclusive discounts on their salads. Get a discount on a great tasting salad. The restaurant’s website is located at


Saladworks has been churning out gourmet salads made to order to happy patrons for many years now. The business started in New Jersey and has since opened up more than 100 restaurant locations in surrounding areas and still growing. One of their unique claims to fame is that they make their gourmet salads to order with fresh and healthy ingredients. Today they expand additional store locations through a growing network of franchise owners. It has also been rated as one of the top franchise deals in the U.S.

How To Save on Saladworks Salads:

One of the best way to lower your costs for these gourmet menu items is to join their ‘Fresh Fan Club’. Members gain points and can redeem them for Saladworks food items. You can get your club card at your nearest Saladworks restaurant location, and when you register your card at their website, you get 500 extra points just for registering. You can easily redeem your accumulated points by giving the cashier your club card as you order your meal or other items.

Video: Saladworks – Chicken Manchego


Note: Keep in mind that individual stores are franchise owned, so check your local store and ask about current promotional special and acceptable coupon offers that they will accept. Also keep in mind that discount offers and promotions will come and go. One good tactic is to keep looking for upcoming savings and plan accordingly.

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