May 27, 2021

Puppies and Water, HD Video, Try Not to Laugh

Ok. Puppies and water, what’s not to love. You will be laughing all the way through this HD video. Watch some of the funniest scenes with little pups and dogs doing things that will make you howl!

They are cute and cuddly, but also hilarious. Take a moment to pause and enjoy a few of the animals that we love.


Watch as a group of pups chase the water shooting from a hose while trying to fill up a small pool.

Also see a little dog hesitant to jump off a dock into the water.

But with a little coaxing from its owner, the cute dog jumps off the dock and makes a big splash.

I love the little life jacket that it is wearing too.

Who doesn’t love Puppies and Water?

It is amazing to see these doggies of many different breeds running, jumping, chasing and playing in water. They just love it.

Try Not to Laugh – Video courtesy Epic Laughs.

Sit back and enjoy this funny HD video of puppies and water.

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