May 27, 2021 for Prescription Assistance Programs

In this day and age, medications are expensive. If you need help, see this brief review of for prescription assistance programs. They have helped many people. It just may save you a lot of money. for Prescription Assistance Programs

It seems there is no end to how high prescription medications will cost. Sometimes, it is just impossible to afford for many patients.


If  you need help, or know of others that would benefit from free or lower cost medicines, then keep reading through this page. for Prescription Savings

It stands for Partnership for Prescription Assistance. They are serious about helping patients who can not afford their doctor’s prescriptions and cost of medicines.

Their service is free. They will help find the medicine assistance program that is right for you. See them for money saving medicine programs that are free, almost free, or lower cost.

Quick Facts about their assistance:

  • Uninsured, and financially struggling patients
  • Free and confidential
  • Access to 475 public and private patient assistance programs
  • Includes, almost 200 programs from pharmaceutical companies
  • Over 40 programs for children
  • Helps people reach out to Medicaid and Medicare
  • Listing of almost 10,000 free healthcare clinics

Prescription Assistance Programs

Get Help with the Cost of Your Medications

PPA has helped almost 10 million patients find free or cost savings programs to public and private patient assistance programs. The free and confidential service is sponsored by pharmaceutical companies across the U.S. See here for a PDF overview.

The programs listed at their website include over 2,500 prescription medicines. It also includes many generic meds too.

Their goal is to help those in need, to find and get help with the price and cost of prescription medications. Phone Number – 1-888-4PPA-NOW, ( 888-477-2669 )

If necessary, give them a call the customer service phone number for assistance in finding the right drug company and drug program application for your healthcare needs.

Website at – here.

If you can not afford your medication prescriptions, then see their website or call them for more information. You can also utilize their online free clinic finder.

They have helped to connect over 1 million patients with free health care clinics across the U.S.

Video: Prescription Drug Assistance in 4 Easy Steps

The video from PPA outlines how you may be able to get help with the cost of your medicines in 4 easy steps. See it through to better understand how much they may be able to help.

PPA Rx has connections and prescription assistance program agreements with many of the largest and most prevalent drug research companies across America.

Good luck.

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