May 30, 2021

Numismatics – What is it?

Gold Coins

Gold Coins

Read this guide to learn more about what is numismatics.

This subject deals with the study of money or currency. A numismatist, is a person that collects various coins or currencies. The variation of what may be studied or collected can include gold coins, silver coins, paper currency, banknotes, foreign currencies, ancient coins, rare coin and other types of monetary objects. Other areas of study within numismatics can include out of circulation currencies, coin mints, money designers, coining, tokens, ancient coinage and more.


What is Numismatics?

This is an area that has an almost unlimited potential in terms of scope of coins and currencies that can be collected from around the world and across the ancient to modern time span. Just imagine the millions of different coins and paper monies from around the world that can be admired, collected, invested in, and even sold. Numismatists may collect various items as an investment or for its value. Coin and currency values can either be determined for its face monetary value or its intrinsic value. Collectors may specialize in certain coinage periods from history, or from specific nations or empires.

A numismatist, may be a coin collector, a company that buys and sells gold and silver coins or a private collector that specializes in collecting ancient coins and currency from around the world. Whatever currency type or geographic location that you may be interested in could be a fulfilling adventure. For those that collect gold, many will always think about how high the price of gold can go.

Learn More About Coin Collecting:

Coin Collecting For DummiesCheck PriceANA Grading Standards for United States Coins: American Numismati Association (Official American Numismatic Association Grading Standards for United States Coins)Check Price


Video: Numismatics – How to Tell What Makes a Coin Valuable?

This video talks about how to determine what can make a coin or currency valuable. One of the most important considerations, in terms of potential value is rarity. How rare an item is, can help to tell if something is of any value.



American Numismatic Association


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