May 29, 2021 – Games for Kids

Kids can have a great time online at The website lets kids experience a virtual world online with friends for free. They can make animated movies and play within the confines of this make believe place. During their daily activities, when not making their latest movie, kids can shop and play games.

About MovieStarPlanet:

The social network website was created to help children from age 8 to 15, to have fun in a safe environment, while also developing and enhancing other social skills. The website has various fun games to play, but the main element or draw of the site is that account members can make movies and be moviestars. They each have their own character to play and lets them expand on their imagination too. Be a star, make your own movies, become rich and famous, are the things players seek to do at the online game website.

How to Join:

Becoming an account member at the website is easy and free. New users will see the sign up panel on the front page of the website. New users can register for an account. When registered, you will get your sign in and login information. Gameplay is also available in several different languages.

To start playing and making star bound movies you will need to:

  • create your free account to join
  • get your username and password
  • then sign in and login to your accounts
  • create your personal moviestar
  • make friends
  • participate in movies, chat and games
  • play for free or pay to gain access to extended features
  • earn StarCoins

As you become more and more popular, your fame increases. As you increase in popularity and reach new levels, you will then be able to get account access to more selection of animations and chat options. You will also get the opportunity to acquire more and more StarCoins. The StarCoins can be used to shop and buy animation supplies, backgrounds, clothing, music, props, costumes and more.

There is also a section that address many concerns and questions that parents may have about the website. If you were looking for something different and possible quite exciting, then the web site may be worth a look.


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