May 27, 2021 Site Review

If you are a World of Warcraft fanatic, then you will want to checkout this review on No matter how much we play games online, no one person can learn it all, at least, not very quickly. The MMO Champion website helps, supports and assists players to learn more about the game, and to become more knowledgeable and better WOW players.

About the MMO Champion Website:

If you are a registered forum member already, then you are probably familiar with the depth of gaming news, raiding strategies and other mmo gaming articles that are readily available throughout their popular website. I read somewhere that the site has upwards of 30,000 + active members and users. Not sure if that is totally accurate, but it does reflect the popularity of their gaming content.

When you visit their website and portal, you will notice that the site navigation has a few different important sections. It is probably a good idea to peruse each of the content areas to fully grasp how much content is available. Some of the important content areas include:

  • Forum
  • New Stuff
  • Blue Tracker
  • Wiki
  • Database
  • Videos
  • Raid Comp
  • Talent Calc

• What are MMO games

Looking for a better understanding of the components of the World of Warcraft? The first place to spend some time at may just be the ‘Database’. It is a great place to start. You can learn definitions, components and pieces of the game. Learn about items, achievements, creatures, quests, spells and more. Many people want to learn more about the various weapons that can be available, and how to achieve them. See the ‘items’ and ‘achievements’ areas of the MMO Champion database. From there just explore, until you feel like you have a better grasp on the game. Also do not forget about reading through the forum posts and participating in the questions or discussions that are of interest.

Quick Glance:

  1. Alexa traffic rank – U.S. – #2337, Global – #3,189
  2. Provides news and raiding strategies for Wow – World of Warcraft
  3. Free forum account registration


MMO-Champion Facebook page.

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