May 30, 2021

Megalodon Teeth for Sale

The prehistoric sea creature, Carcharodon megalodon, must have been an amazing shark to behold. See these Megalodon teeth for sale that make great gifts for those who love big sharks and cool fossils. You can find real, genuine commercial quality fossilized teeth and large, high quality replicas.

4 13/16” Megalodon Tooth ReplicaCheck Price

This tremendously large shark is believed to be extinct, (although debated by some), for more than 2 million years.  It is thought to have disappeared during the Cenozoic Era. Even the proper taxonomy classification of C. megalodon is debated by scientists. Fossil remains uncovered of the years suggests that this shark behemoth, would reach lengths of 59 feet or more. However, its popularity has never been higher.


This menace of the oceans may no longer be raising havoc across the seven seas, but you can still admire the awesome nature of this monster sea creature. Certain areas of the world are hot spots for fossilized megalodon teeth. Many are available for purchase. These marine life fossil relics make for a great conversation piece and can be proudly displayed in the home or office.

Megalodon Teeth for Sale

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Real, Genuine Commercial Quality

While these fossil specimens are not necessarily very large, they are of distinct quality and very affordable. See more to read some of the great reviews.

megalodon shark toothFossilized Carcharocles Megalodon Shark Tooth 1.5 – 2.0 Inches LengthCheck Price


Genuine Authentic Megalodon Shark Teeth, 4 to 5 Inches in Length

You have to see these large and robust Carcharodon Meg tooth specimens. With these fossilized shark’s teeth, you can bring real life marine history into your home.

megalodon shark teeth fossilsGenuine Megalodon Fossil Shark Tooth 4 to 5 InchesCheck Price

Large Megalodon Shark Tooth Replicas

It is a good thing we don’t see these alive, because these prehistoric sea creatures were of unbelievable size and strength. They were really king of the seas for some time. The existence of this incredible sea monster certainly had an immense impact on the marine life ecosystem.

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Shark Tooth Science Kit

Collect 5 real shark teeth (different species) with this kit. This is perfect for anyone who wants to start a shark tooth collection. Learn more about these unique and special sea creatures.

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The various shark tooth specimens are for sale at very affordable prices. They make perfect gifts for anyone who has an interest in fossils, sharks or marine history. Check them out today.

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