May 28, 2021

Live Giant Squid on Video Film for First Time

Have you dreamed of seeing a live Giant Squid on film? Well the day has finally come. The Kraken, as it has been called in the past by seafaring fishermen and explorers, really exists. This magnificent sea creature moves gracefully through the seas, but brings an ominous presence. Many stories have been told for centuries about a large sea animal with long tentacles for limbs that ravaged boats and ships. I am not sure about the reality of those old stories, but the video film of a live monster squid does kind of put some credence to those old ocean tales.

Close Up View of Giant or Humboldt Squid

Dead carcasses of giant squid, (believed to grow up to 50 or 60 feet in length), have been found washed up on the shores of beaches, but never a live species this large. The film puts reality to the myth and is a sight to see. The cephalopod looks graceful and majestic, while still maintaining a bit of mystery about itself. One reason that there reputation precedes themselves, is that these sea creatures are predators and will attack and devour their prey. So, it is easy to understand that if seafaring ships spotted very large squid, that they may become scared and frightened of the giants and their long tentacles.


Giant Squid have very large eyes so they can see their prey at very deep ocean depths where light levels are very low. The marine animals they feed on, probably never see the carnivore coming until it is too late. In fact several large sperm whales have been found with tentacle scars over their bodies, and is believed to be signs of the struggle between the two large marine animals.

See the pictures of the live giant squid that were filmed underwater over half of a kilometer deep. The pictures and video feature a magnificent looking cephalopod with bright shining vibrant skin.

Class: Cephalopoda

Genus: Architeuthis


Giant Squid


Video: Giant Squid Captured in Deep Ocean Water


They are truly awesome creatures of the oceans.

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