May 28, 2021

List of Deadliest Catch Boats

Arguably one of the best and most beloved cable TV Shows has to be about the Deadliest Catch Boats. See this list of Alaskan crab fishing vessels featured on the show throughout the years. Find some you know, and others you don’t know.

Deadliest Catch Boats Models Assembled

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List of the Deadliest Catch Boats

The following is a listing of the names of some of the more popular and obscure crab fishing vessels that have been showcased on the ever popular Discovery Channel’s Alaskan Crab Fishing Cable TV Show. These are not listed in any particular order, although the ones in the beginning happen to be my favorites.

Not all are on the current episodes, but the fans of the show will probably remember a few of the boat names from previous years.

1. F/V Northwestern:

2. F/V Cornelia Marie:

3. F/V Time Bandit:

4. F/V Wizard:

5. Cape Caution:

6. Saga:

7. Seabrooke:

8. Maverick:

9. Farwest Leader:

10. Ramblin’ Rose:

11. North American:

12. Kodiak:

13. Aleutian Ballad:

14. Kiska Sea:

15. Rollo:

16. Sea Star:

17. Brenna A: Sean Dwyer is the youngest boat captain on the show at 23 years old.

More Alaskan Crab Fishing Facts and Information

If you are not yet a seasoned fishermen, then check out ‘Crab Fishing 101‘ for some cool facts, information, pictures and images. Learn more about King Crab and Opilio Snow crabs. Learn how crab pots work and how the crabbing seasons are aligned each year.

There is so much that goes on behind the scenes on a fishing crabbing vessel, it is exciting to get an inside look at what a greenhorn and other deckhands do all day aboard their boat.

I love the Deadliest Catch TV show.

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This is such a great show. Make sure you get a piece of the memorabilia with a fully assembled Alaskan Crab fishing boat, t-shirt, merchandise or paperback to learn more about what makes these courageous fishermen tick.

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