May 28, 2021

How to Swim in the Ocean

Swimming in the open sea is not for everyone due to increased risks versus swimming in a pool. Learning how to swim in the ocean allows you a safer and more enjoyable workout experience.
Swimming race in open water.

Going to the beach for some ocean swimming and exercise is a popular activity but certain precautions need to be taken to keep yourself safe. Before entering the water, make sure you know where the lifeguard stand is located and situate yourself near the lifeguards so that you swim in close visible range.

Tips for Swimming in the Open Sea

The video outlines some expert tips for how to swim in the ocean safely. Safe swimming involves being aware of many different risk factors before getting into the water at the beach. While staying close to the lifeguards, ensure that they are present and on duty before swimming.


If you have questions about the water, discuss these issues with the lifeguards before entering the water.

It is also important to know your swimming strengths and weaknesses, and don’t overdue it. Do not try swimming around structures like bouys and piers. Swimmers should stay aware of alerts and beach signs in terms of weather conditions and water currents.

Make yourself familiar with any other types of potential hazards that could present itself such as marine animals, sea life and underwater obstructions.

One good tip to remember is to always keep the lifeguard stand and life guards in your site while in the water. Because if you can not see them, they can probably not see you. Swim hard and stay safe.

How to Swim in the Ocean


Common Sense Helps Too

Sometimes we all may just rush into the water too quickly, without first making sure that all conditions point to safe circumstances.

Make sure you are familiar with your surroundings and aware of the prevailing winds, tides and water currents. Ensure that you are not trying to swim around surf undertow areas.

More helpful information:

Swim safely.

Have fun and be safe.

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