May 28, 2021

How To Find a Job

How to Find a New Job

Let’s face it. In these difficult times finding a new job, career or getting employment in our chosen field is harder than ever. Listening to the news would make any reasonable person feel like it is nearly impossible to gain employment. However, that is not necessarily true. I do realize that we hear news reports just about everyday that even newly graduated college educated persons are not finding jobs nor or those that have been in the work force for many years that was unexpectedly laid off due to bad economic times. Most people can do something about their current situation.

Find a Job – Learn How:

There are several different tactics you can take in order to help you get a job or new career. The first item on the list is to update and refresh your resume. Many employers want to know more than just your educational background. Let them know a few of your best traits as well as your work history. Do not give up.

• Job Search Websites:

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The next thing to do is to check out some of the various online job search websites. A few of the job search websites across the internet that you may want to check include,,, and When utilizing job search websites, be sure to read the details on what you can access from their website, as well as make sure their services are free. While most of these types of resources are free for the job seeker, some may not be free. So it is important to make sure you understand the specific details. Search these websites to find current job openings and opportunities in your area of expertise and desired employment discipline. For many of these sites, you can search by company or type of position. When you find a job opening that you would like to apply for, many times you can complete the application and apply online. This can be a real time saver. The important thing to do here is to not lock yourself into one kind of job search. By expanding to different types of search parameters you enter, will open up more job opportunities. Another thing to do, and I realize this will be difficult for many to accept, is that you may need to alter the type of work you will do. What I mean here is that, it may become necessary to seek out and accept a work position that is not your dream job, but is required in order gain steady employment. Sometimes you may have to change career paths so that you can continue to get a paycheck. Taking just about any kind of job position will be necessary for many. When economic times improve, you may be able to change positions, companies or careers again.

• Employers’ Websites:

Another tactic is to visit and apply for a job direct at the employer’s website. Today, many employers have planned for and allow online job applications through their official employment web sites. Target a few companies in your local area, find their internet site and see if they have a section devoted to careers,  job openings and applications so you can apply online. This makes applying for employment quick and convenient. Once you have put out applications, be sure to follow up. Employers like to hire people who are determine. Do not give and keep trying.

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