May 28, 2021 – Give Dragon Naturally Speaking Software Review

give dragon speech recognition softwareThe Dragon naturally speaking dictation software is a boon for those who want the convenience of just talking, (dictating) and not typing. See the website at, for up to date information on current software versions for the PC and Mac. Read this brief review to learn more about the Dragon speech to text voice recognition product.

About Give Dragon Naturally Speaking Software:

This voice recognition dictation product, from Nuance Communications Inc., allows you to speak in a natural tone, and the computer will type your exact words onto the screen. This can be a great boon to those who write a lot, or just would prefer not to have to type. As you speak naturally, the software recognizes your voice patterns and understands the words you are saying. As you talk, Dragon will translate the voice to text on the computer screen. You can use it for documents, emails, just about anything you would normally have to type.

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Give Dragon Naturally Speaking Software

This is an exciting productivity enhancing product that just about anyone would love to use instead of typing. This is a great gift for students, writers, business people, or anyone who would prefer to just speak their words and have the voice recognizing software to understand the words spoken by their voice and have them automatically converted to text. There are versions for the PC and the Mac.

This is much faster than typing and without spelling mistakes. Use it to dictate your documents, letters, articles, emails, web search and more. See the video below for an excellent review of how the speech to text computer product works. You will be amazed that a program could be so accurate. Give it a try.

Video: Dragon Speech Recognition Software


Now you can finally dictate with confidence, instead of typing. They also have advanced premium bundles for your Mac or PC. Give it try and produce more documents with dictation instead of typing.

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