May 28, 2021

Gift Ideas for Surfers – Gifts Surfing Fanatics Will Love

Do you have a surfing fanatic in your life? See this guide to gift ideas for surfers. They will love and appreciate these gifts. Surfing is a way of life.

Totally Bamboo Lil' Surfer Shaped Serving Board

This serving board is perfect for entertaining or just leaving on display in the house. Surfing fanatics love this home decor item. It makes a great hostess or occasion gift.

Surfers are definitely an eclectic bunch. Everything needs to be just so. That is ok, because they always seek perfection while trying to get on the perfect wave.


Gift Ideas for Surfers

See this listing and collection of great gifts and suggestions for the surfing fanatic in your life.

It is often difficult finding the perfect gift for these sports fans.

Not anymore. See this list and find one that they do not already have, and will certainly appreciate.

SLYDE HAWAIIAN Bula Shorebreak Surfing Hand Board

SLYDE Hawaiian Bula Shorebreak Surfing Hand Board gift

Handplane with Camera Attachment by Slyde Handboards. Lightweight and travel friendly. Get it at Amazon.

This cool little surfing handboard was Hawaiian designed and built on the Slyde Bula shape. Bodysurfers around the world love this handboard. Stay gripped to any steep wave. It is very durable, and made of high-density urethane foam core. It’s adjustable strap makes it GO PRO ready.

COR Waterproof Dry Bag Roll Top Backpack

COR Waterproof Dry Bag Roll Top Backpack gift

This large DryPack keeps everything neat and dry. If you drop it into the water, no worries, it floats safely if it gets dropped into the water. This is a great gift idea for surfers and all types of water sports fanatics. It is a wonderful way to store your belongings when paddleboarding, surfing, skiing, kayaking, boating, rafting and more.

Metal Surfboard Storage Rack

Adjustable Metal Surfboard Storage Rack gift idea

This adjustable wall mount from (StoreYourBoard at Amazon). It lets you safely and easily hang up to 4 surfboards. Keep them out of the way and easy to get to whenever you are heading out to the waves for a little surfing. The storage rack features padded arms, and heavy duty adjustable racks. It is multi-purpose… store wakeboards, wetsuits, surfboards, snowboards and more. This is a perfect gift idea for surfers and surfing fanatics.

Surfboard Wood Plaque Sign – ‘Welcome to Our Beach’

Surfboard Wood Plaque Sign - 'Welcome to Our Beach'

The collection of Surfboard Wood Plaque signs for sale change frequently. Read more here. Takes you to a current listing of wooden plaques for surfers. It includes a wide assortment of plaque designs and colors.

COR Surf Wetsuit Changing Mat

Ever tried changing your wetsuit on the beach, in the sand? Not the most comfortable way to do this. See this mat that is great for surfers, or anyone who needs to change out of their wetsuit.

COR Surf Wetsuit Changing Mat and Bag

Change out of your surfing gear in comfort. Read more here.


Surfer’s Salve – Large 4 oz Tin

Surfer's Salve - Large 4 oz Tin

Surfer’s Salve is used to soothe wind burn, chapped lips, dry skin and sunburn. It is made with vitamin E, aloe vera oil, tea tree essential oils, beeswax, olive oil, lavender leaf and more.


Waterproof Case, JOTO Dry Bag Pouch

Universal Waterproof Case, JOTO Cell Phone Dry Bag Pouch

This universal waterproof case will keep cell phones dry during a long day at the beach or day surfing. Protect your smartphone from sand and water. A perfect gift idea for surfers. Read more here.


The Endless Summer Classic Surfing Ceramic Coffee Mug – 11 Oz

The Endless Summer Classic Surfing Ceramic Coffee Mug, 11 Oz

Individually Boxed Gift Mug for Surfers


Surfboard Sock Cover – Light Protective Bag

Surfboard Sock Cover - Light Protective Bag for Surfboard

Protect your surfboard from dings and UV sunlight damage that yellows the surf board. Stretches to fit any surfboard. Read more here.


Hope you enjoyed this gallery of great gift ideas for surfers. These are popular and unique gifts that fanatics of this sport will appreciate and love.

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