May 27, 2021

Gift Cards at

If you are looking for gift cards from your favorite companies, then you must see the selection of more than 500 retailers at Read this brief overview to get the best out of your experience.

gift card mall

The company provides a large assortment of third party gift cards for consumers.


They feel that their gifting website offers time saving convenience and value for their customers. Consumers can find retail branded cards for most any occasion, holiday or special event.

Customers can also choose from off the shelf and customized cards to add a touch of specialization. Find the perfect gift for a friend or loved one.

Shoppers at the GiftCardMall website have flexible options such as:

  • choose a specific dollar amount of value on each card gift
  • choose gifts by category of product or by retailer
  • choose from top brands and companies
  • Visa gift cards
  • choices to customize the card with photos
  • choose to add a personalized message.

Gift Card Mall Account

New customers are given an opportunity to set up an online account during their checkout process. As a member, you are able to quickly and easily sign in and login to your account when you return to the website.

Returning members can access their online account from the link at the top of the main page that is labeled “My Account”.

Then you can login and sign in by providing your user name (email), and password.

Once you access your “My Account”, you will be able to check your order history and account information.

Customers should keep their gifts safe, since they are counted as cash in terms of the product or retailer associated with the card.

Some of the shopping options include seasonal gift cards, occasions, shop by recipient or shop by brand.


Listing of giftcard offers.

How to Activate at Gift Card Mall:

At their website is a page where you setup you card so that it can be used right away. Once you access the proper page, you will need to complete 5 questions.

You will need to do and provide the following information.

  1. Select the type of card activation
  2. Select the retailer or store
  3. Enter the number located on the back of the card
  4. Enter the 4-digit activation code that is located inside the gift package.

Page to activate your card.

GiftCardMall Login Page

You can login and sign-in at the ‘MyGift’ page here.

Millions of people give these types of gifts every year. Have you seen what they offer yet?

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