May 28, 2021

Get TABC Certified Online for Texas

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If you are a server of alcohol in the State of Texas, you may need to get TABC certified. See this important information on how to get your certification online, quick and inexpensive.

What is TABC?

The Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission requires that sellers, servers, handlers and managers be trained and certified on the proper sales, handling and serving of alcoholic beverages. The goal is to prevent sales to inappropriate customers such as underage persons and intoxicated persons. In addition there is also training concerning non-members of a private club, and techniques to prevent inappropriate alcohol sales.


The required certified courses contain materials for seller/server training. The online class curriculum covers the laws and training necessary to successfully complete an approved certificate program. Upon completion of the online curriculum, you receive your certification.

TABC Approved Seller / Server Online Training School offers an approved online certification course to train statewide across Texas. TABC certification is quick, thorough and inexpensive. The course plus exam takes 2 hours or less. You work at your own pace and are not required to complete it that fast.

Get certified now.


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