May 29, 2021

Free Smileys – Where to Download Thousands

Do you like free smileys to spruce up your pages and communications? Read this to find out where you can download thousands of smile faces for free. Get all kinds of smiles and emoticons that express just about any emotion imaginable. Place the static or animated clip art graphics on your pages, forum posts, email messages and more.


What are Smiley Faces?

We have all seen them. They are the small round yellow graphics that you can include on your email, forum posts, blog posts and web pages. The clipart can be static of animated and the emoticon is typically chosen to express a specific mood. A lot of people want to download them online for free. How can you choose just the right emoticon clip art graphic, when there are so many to choose from? Well, that is the fun part. One nice benefit of using smile face graphics, is that you can show sides of your personality that you may not show on a regular basis. Be unpredictable and something new. You can express yourself and your emotions however you choose. You can also quickly change your mind, or show several emotions at one time. Just be yourself and have a lot of fun!

A sampling of the various emoticons you can share include:

  • big smile
  • cool
  • crying
  • angel
  • smart guy
  • big time
  • sad
  • angry
  • confused
  • shy
  • frustrated
  • raining
  • flustered
  • happy

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