May 28, 2021

Exercise Your Brain

exercise the brainExercise your brain to help maintain mental sharpness as you age.  Scientists believe that brain exercises and keeping the brain active can help to improve memory functions and keep you mentally alert. It may also help to build a reserve of cells and connections in the brain. As we age, inactivity of our brain can lead to decreased motor skills and thinking abilities. Using and exercising our brains as we age can help to improve our thinking skills and mental faculties.

The brain is very complex and needs stimulation to stay in top form. The old saying ‘use it or lose it’ is can certainly be true when it comes to brain power. The human brain contains billions of neurons that are in turn connected to synaptic connections. Maintaining a healthy brain and mental faculties is not only important for our ability to think and communicate with others, the brain also communicates with and controls complex systems and organs in the human body.

Exercise the Brain

Some of the different ways to improve and maintain mental functions and alertness can include various techniques that stimulate the brain neurons and synaptic connections.

• good ways to improve your memory – 8 steps
best memory boosting games
• play memory games and puzzles such as brainteasers and crosswords
• play brain games on the computer
• take classes to learn something new
• stay curious and keep learning
• write letters
• read books and newspapers
• physical exercise helps keep proper blood flow to the brain

• Fun activities for seniors

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Video: 1 Brain Exercise for Better Mental Concentration

This video shows an exercise for the brain to help maintain better mental concentration. The exercise is based on a training method that is called Neuro-Sculpting. This method is claimed to help with willpower and focus.


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