May 28, 2021

Employ Florida Job Marketplace at

employ florida job marketplaceIf you are a Florida resident and looking for a job, read this review on Employ Florida job search marketplace. It helps many unemployed people to find new jobs and careers in FL. The website and job portal at, connects all of the Florida state and local workforce services together within the employment portal.

In cooperation with the Agency for Workforce Innovation at, and Workforce Florida at, the Employ Florida Marketplace is a centralized portal where job seekers and employers can come together in one place.

Employ Florida Job Marketplace

The internet portal, allows job seekers to connect with employers who are looking to hire new employees. This is an excellent resource for recent college grads, students, retirees, seniors looking for work and unemployed residents to come and find a job. Some of the features and resources available to help you find employment include the following list.

  • Assess your job skills and ability
  • Find and review available job openings and positions
  • Complete job applications and apply online
  • Create or update your resume
  • Research labor market information, wage rates and salaries

To get started at their website, you will need to register for a free account, so that you can get your login ID username and password. Once you have completed the registration process, you will then be able to login and sign-in to your online account and begin to search for jobs and opportunities.

• Employment website:

The one-stop portal provides many employment related resources to individuals.

  • Job search services
  • Career services
  • Education services
  • Senior services
  • Veteran services
  • Youth services
  • Labor Market information

In addition to the many resources available, you can also get the instructions for the RA Full Work registration. Check it out today and see how quickly you may be re-employed.

• Services for job seekers:

• The Employ Florida phone number is 866-FLA-2345.

Additional Employment Resources:

Periodically check on these for openings or more training.


Workforce plus Employ Florida Marketplace Commercial

The video gives a brief overview of the services that are available to FL job seekers. Finding a job could be as easy as utilizing the employment opportunity and career search resources available at their web portal. It is a great place for recent job seeking college graduates, retirees, seniors and residents, to find a new job and work. You can find position openings and career opportunities, assess your job skills, post your resume and apply online. This could very well be your ticket to a new career. Check them out today.

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